Starting mobile app development
with React Native.

We have curated essential resources for the success of your React Native app.
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React Native online resources

Expo Introduction Tutorial

Create your first universal app that runs on Android, iOS, and the web; all with a single react native codebase.

Ignite Cookbook

Collection of step by step guides that you can follow to accomplish a common task or pattern in your Ignite project.

React Native Snippets

All the snippets used everyday as a React Native developer.

There's a Snack for That

Collection of Expo Snacks maintained by Dan Stepanov.

Courses provided by Simon Grimm, who has over 10 years of experience in cross-platform development for iOS, Android, and web.

React Native newsletters

React Native University

Newsletter created by Raúl Gómez Acuña author of the `react-native-offline` library.

React Native Newsletter

Newsletter focused 100% on all things React Native.

React Newsletter

Weekly React newsletter made by uidotdev.

React Status

Cooperpress is a computer science and developer focused publisher, specialising in the creation and delivery of email newsletters.

This Week In React

Weekly newsletter delivered in your inbox by Sébastien Lorber, maintainer of Docusaurus.

React Native podcasts

React Native Radio

The team reacts to news, explores libraries with maintainers, and shares updates from their consultancy point of view.

The React Native Show

Everyone knows why the nation of Poland carries the whole React Native ecosystem.

Rocket Ship

Talks between Simon Grimm and smart React Native people.

React Native conferences

React Native Connection

1 day conference entirely dedicated to the community of React Native developers.

The Geek Conf

Backed by the World's Largest React Native Meet-up Group. Co-organized by the world’s largest React Native meet-up group — with 7000+ members and 100+ events. 

App.js Conf

Conference focused on everything related to Expo.

React Universe Conf

First conference in the world to focused on anything and everything React Native


The US conference with the best announcement trailers of all time.

React Native Heroes

Because heroes don't just save lives, they change them.