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In 2024, React Native development faces challenges due to rapidly evolving technology and a growing demand for complex, interactive apps. Developers must continually adapt and deliver high-quality products without sacrificing performance or user experience.

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My name is David and I have been laser focused on React Native development for the past 8 years. I hired Matthys to be my right-hand and help me to scale our services.

We are based in France, speak english for all our communications and use qwerty keyboards.

Unlike lengthy contracts that bind you for months and require a six-step paperwork process, our service is available whenever you need it. You have the freedom to pause or cancel at any time and can restart whenever it suits you.

We can partner with you and your team on a rolling basis, or we can enhance your team’s skills with a one-off workshop. We are flexible to suit your needs.

We are going to present the details of our partnership below. However, if you’re interested in workshops, you can directly jump to workshops.

Work with us

Mobile app for iOS, Android and more

Our team can assist you in shipping a new app, add new features, or just keep an existing app up to date. Contact us today if you want:

  • A new mobile application quickly on Apple and Google store.
  • Regain agility to evolve my application quickly.
  • Stop struggling with React Native updates.
  • Quickly migrate an application to React Native.

What makes a great app?

We take immense pride in having expertly served an impressive roster of over 14 clients, including:

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We’re trusted React Native consultants.

We actively participate in the community, presenting at meetups and conferences, as well as conducting bootcamps.

We have made numerous open-source contributions to different organizations, such as @expo, @facebook, @aws-amplify and @infinitered.

Listen to David Leuliette, the founder of, on the React Native Radio podcast.

How does it work?

Client Onboarding Checklist to work with React Native

Step 1

You invite us to contribute

We are working on React Native Development. To move our project into production, we need access to Google Play Console, Apple App Store Connect, and Expo.

Step 2

You have features or fixes that need to be done.

Whether it's big features, small fixes, or tricky workflows, no matter the complexity, we've got your back.

We will provide you with a custom backlog tailored to your needs. You can add any tasks requiring our attention to this backlog. There are no limits or constraints.

Step 3

We will design and develop until its release.

We'll tackle your custom backlog one task at a time.

You have the freedom to reshuffle, invert, add, or remove any tasks that have not yet started. You set the order, and we'll proceed accordingly.

Step 4

Satisfaction guaranteed.

"Using your app should spark joy." We've always wanted to say that, and we've always believed in it too.

We offer unlimited revisions, comments, and critiques on any task. No matter how high you set the bar, we aim to meet and exceed it. Our goal is to help you build not just good, but memorable products.

Step 4.2

Your Schedule, Your Terms

We understand that your needs can fluctuate – whether you're in between projects, feature launches, or funding rounds. That's why we offer the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

We believe in being there when you need us and respecting your timeline. It's your call, because we're here to support your journey, whether it's a sprint or a marathon.

  • Get acces to top-noch talent.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • One request at time.
  • No billable hours.
  • Pause anytime.
  • Cancel whenever.

Do not work with us if you want

  1. A quote after an initial call.
  2. The quote is then validated.
  3. A service contract is signed, which describes the list of tasks to be accomplished and includes the elements of the quote.
  4. The developments are then carried out.
  5. A delivery report is validated, which triggers the payment of the invoice.
  6. Finally, the intellectual property rights transfer contract is signed.

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