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Persistent storage

PlanetScale is a company that provides a database technology called Vitess, which is designed to scale MySQL databases to handle very large amounts of data and handle high levels of traffic. It allows users to share their databases across multiple servers and manage them as a single, logical database. This enables users to scale their database performance and capacity to meet the needs of their applications and handle high levels of traffic.

How PlanetScale will help you grow and be more successful?

  1. Vitess makes it easy for developers to scale their MySQL databases to handle large amounts of data and traffic, allowing them to focus on building and improving their applications rather than worrying about database administration.
  2. The high performance and reliability of Vitess can help developers ensure that their applications are able to handle high levels of traffic and maintain low latencies, leading to increased user satisfaction and success.
  3. Vitess integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes, making it easy for developers to deploy and manage their databases in a cloud-native environment.
  4. PlanetScale provides a variety of tools and scripts to help developers manage their Vitess deployments, including tools for monitoring, backup and restore, and schema management.
  5. PlanetScale also offers consulting and support services to help developers implement and manage their Vitess deployments, providing them with the expertise and assistance they need to be successful.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • Cloud function
  • Real-time database


  • Free tier
  • Premium tiers

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