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RevenueCat is a powerful, reliable, and free to use in-app purchase server with cross-platform support. Our open-source framework provides a backend and a wrapper around StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy.

How RevenueCat will help you grow and be more successful?

  1. Streamlined Subscription Management: RevenueCat simplifies the complexities of subscription management, allowing developers to easily configure and manage subscription offerings, handle trial periods, upgrades, and downgrades, and automate tasks like renewal handling and failed payment retries.
  2. Revenue Optimization Tools: With RevenueCat, developers can optimize their revenue generation through features like revenue recovery, smart retry logic for failed payments, pricing experiments, A/B testing, and personalized offers. These tools help maximize revenue potential and improve overall monetization strategies.
  3. Cross-Platform Support and Analytics: RevenueCat supports multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web, enabling developers to reach a broader audience and monetize across different devices. The platform also provides detailed analytics and insights into subscription performance, conversion rates, and churn rates, empowering developers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their subscription models.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Web


  • Analytics
  • A / B testing


  • Free tier
  • Pay as-you-go
  • Premium tiers

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